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Vimeo censorship

I really should write something longer about this... but I’m so pissed about it that I’m having a hard time dealing with it emotionally. Vimeo, a site that claims to be an independent platform for artists, perma-banned me after I posted one nude art video. Seriously! And worse still, it was (I thought, at least) a sweet, honest video wherein I try to bring people together and find a voice for myself. And then, about 24 hours after I posted my video, my account was banned, with no chance of appeal, by one of those “Trust and Safety Councils” (poor Butters) that have been spreading across Internet media sites like a plague.

So, until I figure out a better way to host it, I have the original video file here. Let me know how you’d like me to continue. (Contact me) I’m upset because I know these harsh content policies are always put in place under the banner of protecting marginalized women (especially trans women), and here I am, a trans woman being marginalized... and all I was trying to do is be a nice person.

(sigh) I need a drink...