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About Tina

Tina poses for the camera

Photo by Elizabeth Rusco

Tina Russell, a woman of many talents, was born in Ohio and grew up for a time in Richmond, Indiana. In 2000, her salvation arrived and she moved to Portland, Oregon, where she thrived in its vibrant culture. She lived there until 2007, when she moved to nearby Eugene to attend the University of Oregon, where she now holds a Bachelor of Science in history. Now that she’s finished, she pines for a return to Portland.

Tina has studied art and writing since her early teens, practicing every day to improve her writing and studying books on drawing and anatomy to perfect her art style. Tina’s interest in modeling began as a teenager as well, and once she was old enough she began working as a nude model for art classes as well as posing for talented photographers she knew. Lastly, Tina’s interest in computer science has aided all her endeavors, and she is well-versed in technologies such as Linux, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Plone, the foundation upon which she built this site.

When Tina is not seeking creative outlets, she enjoys videogames, comic books, audiobooks, animation, and science fiction.

Tina’s work is built upon her own inner world, but she hopes people will find their own sort of liberation in it. If you see any of Tina’s work and you find some identification with it, and it makes you feel a little bit more free, she is happy.

You may contact Tina Russell here. She can also be found on Facebook, where you can become her fan, and on Twitter, where you can read her short, personal musings. Tina is interested in meeting like-minded artists, getting to know her fans, and networking toward future goals.